Friday, March 29, 2013

Splenda Nectresse Part II

Yesterday my Nectresse coffee turned out to be bleck but I am a trooper and decided to give it another try. I even gave the Nectresse home field advantage by using a recipe that came with it for Pumpkin Walnut Pancakes.

The child is really into helping me cook right now, which I love and the husbandit had never seen so he pulled out the camera and snapped about 100 pictures before realizing there was no memory card in it.  Poor guy.  He did take a few pics with the card as proof that this did indeed happen.

You're welcome to his future spouse for teaching him how to cook.

Afterwards the boy even helped clean up.  Mom-mom loves this kid.

Even when he is incorrigible.

My favorite moment was this one right here:

My husband actually caught the moment when I realized the recipe said to "pour the milk" but listed no milk in the ingredients.  I ended up adding as much milk as I would in my favorite pancake recipe (1/2 cup).  Not cool Splenda, not cool.

They smelled pretty good too
Gideon made his elephant try the finished product first.

With her approval he took a bite himself

He ate the whole thing and then another the next morning so I assume he liked them.  The husbandit ate a couple on the train and said he enjoyed them as well.  I ate one, liked it, and then got a weird aftertaste.   As a person who has tried more than her fair share of low-cal sweeteners, I may be sensitive to that odd aftertaste they sometimes get.   I will say that had I used Splenda the taste would have been much stronger and more unpleasant.

Overall I give the Nectresse a thumbs up when used for cooking.  Oh and fun fact, you only use 2 tsp of the Nectresse in this recipe and they were plenty sweet.  IT IS VERY SWEET STUFF.  You have been warned.

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