Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Guest Blog: Old Navy Vintage & Perfect Tee’s

My good friend M is a Crowdtap GENIUS.  She has belonged for only a few months and has already surpassed me on every level of Crowdtap awesome.  Because she is nice and full of amazing she took me with her on her recent Old Navy and Crowdtap sponsored sample and share.  Here is her review (complete with pics of us being dorks):

Old Navy Vintage & Perfect Tee’s
First off, I should explain how this adventure came to happen. I joined a website called Crowdtap about two months ago. It’s marketing website. Which sounds all businessy but it has really awesome perks like throwing sponsored parties and free samples from clients like Old Navy, Durex, Woolite, Cottenelle, Marc Jacob, etc. I was one of many members selected for an Old Navy sample & share (free tee’s for me and a friend).  I brought my gal pal, K, with me to get two free tees from the Vintage & Perfect tee line. I asked K to come with me because she loves Old Navy as much as I do and has a funny obsession with Tee Shirts. We are super dorky and both wore shirts that we bought at Old Navy previously because we wanted to be festive.

Look, we're here!

We walked in and immediately noticed the Vintage tees. We both got really excited. We dove into all of the shirts.

I mean really dove into them. We kinda made a mess. Sorry store employees!

We picked several different colors. I think I had 5 shirts to try on right away. They were in some really great colors.

After flagging down an associate we were able to find the “Perfect” shirts.

We piled on more to try. By the time we headed to the dressing room we had about 15 shirts to try on between the two of us.

Yes, we are dorks.  This is why we are friends.
I fell in love with the Vintage tees. I love how soft and thin/light they were. It reminds me of the shirts that were popular back in the 80’s. I suppose that is why they are called Vintage, maybe? I also really liked the neckline. Note on sizes: Vintage shirts run big. Get a smaller size than you think you need. BUT don’t make the same choice for the Perfect tanks. You will be stuffing yourself into them.

Decision Time!

I ended up with two Vintage tee (the hot pink & the blue “San Francisco ‘94”). I love how soft and light they are and I really liked the V neck. The colors and designs were more exciting as than the Perfect line.  I really do like the Perfect tee but if I had to choose one of the other, which I did, I would go for the Vintage tees again.
K picked a Vintage, Perfect and a few other tees also. We are very happy campers with our purchases.

I especially love my pink tee. I've worn it several times already and it’s only been 4 days since I bought it. In fact, I wore it when I got home from shopping…

…I wore it on Easter morning…

…ANDDDDDD, I’m wearing it as I write this….

Ok, did I say K was obsessed with tees? I meant me.
Thank you Crowdtap and Old Navy for the Sample & Share. I hope to be picked for the next one. And a special thank you to K for letting me be a guest blogger and being an awesome wing (wo)man.

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