Thursday, May 30, 2013

Old Navy Activewear

I love Crowdtap.  In a world filled with websites promising free samples in exchange for your opinions this is one of the few that means it while being easy to use (and pretty to look at!).  A few weeks ago I was chosen by Crowdtap to participate in a sample and share at Old Navy.  I was pretty ecstatic, as in happy dance ecstatic, as in shout it from the rooftops and call my mom ecstatic.  This sample and share meant that not only would I get to try some Old Navy activewear FOR FREE but so would a friend, all thanks to Crowdtap and Old Navy.

Choosing a friend to share with wasn't too difficult, my sister has been working really hard to get healthy this year and I knew some new activewear would be a perfect reward for her hard work.   So one beautiful Sunday afternoon we left the toddlers with my husband (good luck!) and made the journey to Old Navy (you know, a less than 5 minute drive away).

My sister can rock red pants, no?

I won't lie, at first I was kind of disappointed by how small the activewear section was...

but it turns out they were able to stuff a lot of variety into a very small space.  

Looking for anything active

Perusing the racks

A difficult decision

When it came time to try things on we had several options.

Ready to hit the dressing rooms
My options

Our dressing room attendant was very nice, especially considering how giggly we were.  We went back and forth between the rooms quite a bit critiquing each others outfits.  It was hard to narrow it down.

Since I knew I would primarily be using my outfits for yoga I decided to test them out with a few common moves:

I am sure dressing room yoga will be the next big thing.  You just wait and see.

I feel no need to say nice things about something just because I got it for free.  This entire blog is about being truthful, even if I am sharing the eloquent truth of "this sucks."

That said, I cannot express in words how much I love Old Navy activewear... but I will give it try.  It is form fitting yet stretchy, soft yet durable, basic yet stylish.  I felt completely comfortable walking around the dressing rooms where everyone could see me even though I was wearing clothing that hugged all of my curves.  I feel like I could actually wear this to the gym (as well as my usual exercise venue - the living room) without being self conscious.  I felt sexy and stylish and comfortable and hugged.  Yes, hugged.  It was nice.  In the end I actually bought an extra pair of pants and shirt in addition to the items I got for free, I didn't even look at the price tags, just took it to the counter and said ring me up!  

My sister was also a big fan of the clothes but here I have one critique, the range of sizes.  It may have just been this location but we were only able to find a few items bigger than a size Large.  In my opinion this is the perfect activewear for someone who is starting their journey of health or weight loss and as such I think they need to offer a large range of sizes in store.  This is very personal for me, several years ago I lost 60 pounds and it was very hard at first to find comfortable workout clothes (I was a jogger then) in stores.  I had to spend a lot of time ordering online, receiving the clothes, trying them on, and returning them.  You really have to try activewear on to see if it is the right fit for your body and chosen activity, being able to go to a store and try something on makes a HUGE difference, especially when you may be struggling to find motivation.  

When we got home we did a fashion show for the kids and husband, we even showed off our tough moves.  This elicited a big round of toddler applause :)

This may sound crazy but I actually think we looked better in our activewear than we did in our regular clothes!

Final verdict:  You want this, seriously, go buy some Old Navy activewear.  You can thank me later.

Speaking of, thank you Old Navy and Crowdtap for this fantastic sample and share of activewear!

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